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Corporate Tax Returns

    Corporate Tax Returns. Because it is important for accountants to demonstrate the filing requirements for specialized tax returns, for this final project you will be completing a corporate tax return and then analyzing this experience.Key Component: Use the financial data from the following file to complete form 1120.Portfolio_Option1_Financials.xlsx – attached below. Complete the following template that has the respective tax forms and schedules required to complete the return. Complete all of the parts of your respective business tax return for which there is information

    In the space at the bottom of the template: Show your income tax calculations prepared a write-up on: The purpose of questions on Form 1120 Schedule K with the exception of line 1. (You may select a sub-grouping of these questions to complete your milestone.)Some challenges (identify three to five), both anticipated and unexpected, when completing the corporate tax return.Solutions you can provide to those challenges. Requirements: Submit 1) your tax return template and 2) Income tax calculations and 3) your write-up about the tax return questions to the drop box identified for that submission. (Your paper must be formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.)

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