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    Contraception. In the past six years, lawmakers across the nation pursued a record number of female reproductive health and rights provisions, further restricting many services that provide women the ability to exercise control over their own reproductive health.

    The number of provisions between 2011-2013, for example, exceeded those enacted for the entire previous decade and has continued to increase. These provisions range from restricting abortion access to making it harder to avoid pregnancy by restricting funding for family planning by as much as 66%. In 2014 alone, there were 141 provisions in 39 states.

    Based on what we know about the role of reproductive choice in women’s overall health, the health of children on a national level, as well as economic impact, what arguments would you make in favor of restoring laws that allow women to have control over reproductive decisions? Make sure your response is based on factual information gleaned from the text and lecture and touches on the three areas mentioned above.

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