Consumer Behavior Anomalies Research Notes

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  1. Winner’s Curse
  2. Status Quo Bias
  3. Hyperbolic Discounting
  4. The Cognitive Miser
  5. The Framing Effect
  6. Confirmation Bias
  7. Norm of Reciprocity
  8. The Illusory Truth Effect
  9. Altruism
  10. Analysis Paralysis
  11. Omission Neglect
  12. Anchoring Effect

Research all 12 of the above Consumer Behavior anomalies. Keep notes containing the information you collect on each. Pay particular attention to not only their definitions, but their causes, ways to overcome them (if appropriate), major researcher(s) associated with them, and most importantly, know the subtle differences between them. You should acquire as much additional information as you see fit.

Please also provide examples of each.

You can list the notes in bullet points and please do not copy and paste from the websites and put them in your own words.

The paper is not formal, simply notes. You can format it as

Winner’s Curse

bullet point

bullet point


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