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Construct a case study/research paper(minimum 10 pages) that

    Construct a case study/research paper(minimum 10 pages) that examines a firm in the U.S. from a microeconomic standpoint andprovide suggestions based on your findings.Step 1: Choose a firm for your focus. In addition to pickinga firm that you find interesting, you will likely want to pick afirm that has available data (or a firm that for which you canpersonally provide data). Publicly traded companies file reportswith a great deal of data (preferred).Step 2: You will need to complete an analysis of thefollowing categories for your firm. You should complete each sectionas we cover it in the course – although the paper is not due untilthe end of Module 7. This will help you to reinforce topics from thecourse. The following must be included:NOTE: Be sure to break your paper into the followingsections with headings:What does your firm do? Introduce your firm (Module 1)How have supply and demand conditions impacted the firm inrecent years? (Module 2)Examine price elasticity of demand for the products your firmsells. (Module 3)Examine the costs of production for your firm. (Module 5)What is (are) your firm’s primary competitive advantage(s)?(Module 6)Are there entry barriers for firms in this industry? (Module6)What substitutes are available for your product? (Module 6)What is the market share for firms in the industry? (Module6)What market structure best describes the conditions your firmfaces? (Module 6/7)

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