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Consider your answers in the first discussion question.Would

    Consider your answers in the first discussion question.Would it make a difference if Will was on life support?Would it make a difference if Will was not terminally ill? ( LISTED BELOW IS THE ANSWER IN THE FIRST DISCUSSION QUESTION) USE THE ANSWER BELOW TO ANSWER THE QUESTION LISTED ABOVEIs Will’s request toreprogram the morphine machine justified by an ethical right to decide thecourse of his own death? With Will dying from liver cancer,a request for less pain by him is acceptable and responsible for the medicalstaff to perform. Nothing in any culture says that you must accept pain morethan you can bear just to die. In fact, this would be one of the usual stepstaken by a hospice if they were to take over and allow Will to die at his ownrate instead of preserving his life indefinitely with machines.In fact, using some combination ofmedications, counseling and therapies, most patients can attain a level ofcomfort they consider acceptable. Pain free but alert is the best choice youcan get, since you can get responses for medical staff and realize the patientjust is not feeling the pain from the disease that is killing them. This wouldprovide the best situation for everyone.What are the ethicalimplications of Will’s request that his physicians reprogram his morphinemachine?Given the stage and inoperabilityof the cancer, Will’s request has no real ethical implications. He will notbecome addicted to morphine then turned loose on the streets to survivewithout, he is, in essence, in the hospital to die. You are neither hasteninghis death, nor are you doing anything but providing the things Will needsduring the dying process. This would include some friendship, attention, andpastoral care along with the medications to stop pain.This is the situation where hospicecare is a benefit to hospitals in that their staff is trained to handle all ofthose needs and to watch for what is happening. If it turns out that thepatient is recovering, they can take them off of hospice and place them backinto general treatment programs until there is a definite opinion that deathwill be the next phase of the patient’s life.

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