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Consider the following statement Early childhood educators

    Consider the following statement: Early childhood educators are professionals who dedicate themselves to the field of early childhood education because they know the work they do makes a difference in the lives of children and families. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? What experiences have you had that support your opinion? How does this make you feel as an early childhood professional?Need 4 sentences_______________________________________________________________________________Research the licensing standards for child care settings in your state. You may choose to find the standards for a center based or family child care programs in your state. Once you find those standards, you will need to choose an area to learn more about and focus on for this assignment. For example, you could choose equipment requirements, professional development requirements, ratios, etc. 2 page summary including:The source in which you found your state’s licensing requirements. Please include a short paragraph explaining how you went about finding your state’s licensing requirements. Did you already know where to find them? Did you need assistance?A paragraph, chart, or summary of the area of licensing that you focused on. What are the regulations or requirements you found? Please include a short paragraph explaining why you chose to focus on this area.Finally, write a paragraph making connections regarding sites early childhood professionals would work at that would be licensed vs. not required to be licensed. What does licensing mean to you as an early childhood professional?Need references for each do not put them together

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