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Consider how fairytales have historically influenced societies

    Consider how fairytales have historically influenced societies, and how fairytales have been adapted to reflect the values of different time periods and different world cultures. Write a 1,050- to 1400-word paper analyzing the influence and importance of fairytales in modern society. Explore why fairytales are considered timeless. Include all or some of the following: Select a modern or historical culture and get specific about how fairytales worked in that culture.

    Include discussions about the cycle of culture’s effect on fairytales and fairytales’ effect on culture. Organize your paper using a traditional essay format with a clear introductory paragraph, body paragraphs based on discussion points, and a conclusion paragraph. Cite texts and materials from this course as needed, and add other outside sources to support your ideas. At least 3 of your outside sources must be peer-reviewed academic resources from the University of Phoenix Library. Format your paper according to MLA standards. Submit your paper to your instructor

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