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Congressional Panel Directions-Find a list of the congressional committees

    Congressional Panel Directions-Find a list of the congressional committees. Google committees in congress. State they represent House (district they represent or senate). Party they belong to the committee they chair or their position within. Education and a little background answer this: Do you think this representative is qualified?

    Find 5 Committees that in theory would contain members with the appropriate awareness of “ Act to Change the Dietary Guidelines( here are 5 committees that you should use): 1-Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency 2- Secretary of Education 3- Department of Health and Human Service4- Secretaries Health and Human Services5- Secretaries of Commerce

    Write a short description of the committee’s responsibilities and how it’s related to the correlation Between BPA and obesity.-Choose 1 congressman or woman that sits on each of your committees that has specialized knowledge relevant to the proposed bill ( I will send you the Bill proposed)-Make a list of your elected panel that includes this to each one of them

    Write a paragraph that will answer the following questions:-Why is it important for policymakers to be knowledgeable about topics that relate to the committee they belong to?-Do you think these people always have the best qualifications for the committee to which they are appointed?

    Do you think politicians can have a limited background on a topic yet make relatively informed decisions? How do you think they do that? Do you think there are an adequate number of representatives with backgrounds in health care in federal office?-Do you believe politicians have the best interest of the people they represent at heart?-What would be the advantage of having more professionally diverse representation?— How do you think that influences policy and the American people? I uploaded an example of a committee, but remember I need 5

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