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Compose a 2-to 3-page academic paper detailing a program eva

    Compose a 2-to 3-page academic paper detailing a program evaluation method/process and why it would be appropriate within a specific human services organization. When you conduct your research, it may be helpful to have a specific type of organization in mind, such as a government welfare office, an outpatient addiction program, a domestic violence crisis center, or any human services organization.When you research and write, use the following questions as a guide:What are the components of the evaluation’s approach (client questionnaires, focus groups, numerical tracking of site visits, for example)?Why is the evaluation method you selected applicable to a human services program?What does it specifically include or exclude that makes it applicable to human services programs?How has this method been used successfully within other organizations? Your paper must support your claims with at least three appropriate references beyond the textbook and be formatted according to apa

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