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Completing the Annotated Bibliography

    Completing the Annotated Bibliography. This week you’ll complete your annotated bibliography by locating one eBook that is related to your research question and writing an APA reference and annotation for it. You’ll also take the next step in the research process by converting your research question into a thesis statement. Before you begin, be sure to read Module 4 in your textbook, and watch the Using Ebrary to Find e-books tutorial.

    To get started, locate the keywords that you developed in week three. You will use these keywords to help you find an eBook that is related to your research question. For this assignment, you will use the Ashford Library’s Findit@AU databases. Be sure to choose the “eBooks” tab before you search. After you have your eBook, you are ready to create the APA references and annotations for your sources in the Completing the Annotated Bibliography template.

    When writing your APA references for your sources, you can refer to the Ashford Writing Center’s Common APA Reference and Citation Models for guidance. Copy and paste the references and annotations for your two scholarly journal articles from week three and your two websites from week four into your paper. Check your instructor’s feedback on previous assignments to see if there any corrections that you need to make. If you are not sure how to see your instructor’s feedback, this HelpNow! video will show you.

    Be sure to make any changes or corrections that your instructor has indicated. Now, you are ready to convert your research question into a thesis statement. Watch the Ashford Writing Center’s Thesis Statement Tutorial. Then, use the “Turning Your Research Question into a Thesis Statement” worksheet to help you create your thesis statement. Copy and paste your thesis statement into the Completing the Annotated Bibliography template, Week Five template. You can also look at the sample annotated bibliography for guidance.

    As you build your annotated bibliography in weeks three, four, and five, you are encouraged to submit your work to the Ashford Writing Center for feedback. The Writing Center staff can help you identify formatting, grammar, and other common writing issues in your work and give your ideas for ways to fix them. The Writing Center staff is available by email or by chat. Congratulations on completing your annotated bibliography! You have chosen a topic, developed a research question, identified keywords, located three different types of sources related to your topic, created APA references, written annotations, built an annotated bibliography and converted your research question into a thesis statement! All in the space of Five short weeks! What an accomplishment!

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