Company Selection and Stock Watch.xlsx from first assignmentCourse Project – Investments, Interest Rates, and RiskThis assignment is the second part of the course project. You will want to retain this information to include in the final portion of the project. In this assignment, you will refer to the five stocks you selected in Module 03. RequiredChoose three of the stocks – two within the same industry plus one additional stock – from the Company Selection and Stock Watch completed in module 03 and then locate interest rates on two other investments that are not stocks, such as bank certificates or government bonds. You will now have a total of five investments.In your assignment, identify each of the five investments and discuss the following:Which of the five investments do you think are most highly affected by the level of interest rates in the economy? Why?Rank the five investments in order of the most risky to the least risky and explain in detail why you ranked them in that manner.What types of risk do you think affects each of the investments?

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