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Cloud Use and Network Availability

    Pluralsight course, “CompTIA Cloud Essentials”: can be downloaded for 3 months freePlease do not plagiarize just got a failing grade last week because someone did just that. ÿThe paper will be sent through Turnitin if found to beÿplagiarized a refund will be requested. ÿÿReply with feeCompleteÿthe following modules in the Pluralsight course, “CompTIA Cloud Essentials”:Cloud Computing 101Is Cloud Computing Right for You?Finding Business Value in Cloud ComputingEvolving Your Datacenter into a Private CloudCloud Computing – Under the HoodCloud Computing – Challenges, Risks, and MitigationEnsuring Successful Cloud AdoptionImpact of Cloud on IT Service ManagementRisks and Consequences of Cloud ComputingWriteÿa 2- to 3-page paper explaining how the networking infrastructure and use of the cloud can impact overall network availability and functionality applies to the global environment.ÿIncludeÿan answer to the following questions:ÿHow does use of the cloud affect the local environment?What are some of the issues identified by the Pluralsight module?Note. You must do additional research that includes a minimum of two additional sources in addition to use of your texts.

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