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    Click here ( PA402: Employment LawUnit 3: The Employment Relationship – Shewin MemorandumYour Course Project: Read About the Shewin MemorandumThroughout the course, you will work on the Shewin Memorandum. Your first step isto become acquainted with Ms. Shewin and the fact pattern.Ima Shewin is a 45-year-old African-American woman with advanced degrees inEnglish and journalism from the University of Chicago. She has been employed byThe Blabber, a newspaper in Atlanta, Georgia, for 10 years. She started as an entrylevelresearcher. Two years later, she was promoted to a junior-level reporterposition, and two years after that, to a senior-level reporter position. She has nowbeen a senior-level reporter for the last six years.During the first eight years of her employment, Shewin reported to George Doright.Two years ago, The Blabber reorganized, and Doright was moved to another divisionin the company. Since then, Shewin has reported to Arthur King, The Blabber’ssenior editor. Following the reorganization, two editors have retired. AlthoughShewin applied for these positions, they were not offered to her. In fact, she wasonly invited to interview for one of the positions, although she believes she met thequalifications for both.Last month, she applied for a junior-editor position she has been after for severalyears now. Based upon the qualifications that were identified in the job’s classifiedad, she felt she was a shoo-in. She applied and was interviewed. The interview withMr. King did not go as well as she had hoped. The interview took place over lunch ina restaurant. King started out the conversation by engaging in seemingly harmlesssocial banter, but Shewin was uncomfortable with his personal questions about herrelationship with her boyfriend. A few weeks after the interview, the companyannounced that it was hiring Gene Whiz, someone from outside the company. Whizis 26 years old and recently earned a master’s degree in journalism from theUniversity of Chicago. He has worked as a reporter for a small local newspaper.Shewin believes a number of factors may have been held against her. For example,only three women are in the upper levels of management, and all were promotedprior to the reorganization. King was not involved in the promotion decisions for anyof the three women.King has a reputation for making sexist comments, which several women in thecompany find offensive, as do a number of men. For example, he described onepregnant reporter as ‘barefoot and pregnant.’ He has also asked Shewin out to’discuss business,’ invitations that she has declined. She feels that rejecting himmay have something to do with her not getting the job.Another possible factor is that there are only five African-American senior managersin the company. Shewin has heard through the rumor mill that Whiz is part AfricanAmerican.Also, prior to Mr. Doright’s transfer, Shewin filed a complaint against some of hermale colleagues. Apparently the men whose cubicles were surrounding Shewin’s areahad a habit of discussing their weekend dates in graphic detail on Monday mornings.Although they did not make these comments directly to Shewin, the conversations PA402: Employment LawUnit 3: The Employment Relationship – Shewin Memorandumwere quite loud and she overheard them regularly. After several months of hopingthey would stop, Shewin brought this matter to Mr. Doright, who sternly told theemployees to stop such behavior. However, since Arthur King became the seniormanager, her coworkers have reverted to their old behavior, and King has taken noaction against them, despite Shewin’s repeated complaints to him. In fact, Shewinhas observed King laughing at the conversations as he walked by. He did not,however, participate in the conversations.Finally, Shewin is more than 40 years old and has concerns that she may be gettingpassed over because of her age. A friend of hers overheard King talking to anothersenior manager, speculating as to when Shewin would finally retire. )to review the case details.Your third memorandum on Ms. Shewin’s case is due this week. In Unit 1, you summarized the facts and prepared draft follow-up questions for lead counsel to use in a future client interview.This week you will write a 1000-1250 word memorandum,addressed to the client, not to lead counsel.Using your earlier work and any additional research you consider needed, please create a draft memo to the client that includes the following items:Summary of the facts;Summary of the issues;Analysis of each cause of action;Summary of the additional information needed, andConclusion indicating which of Ms. Shewin’s claims is the strongest

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