Choose one of the following book and write an essay

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Choose one of the following book and write an essay :

essay is to be based on a book selected by the student from the book list. This essay is not a “book report” nor is it a summary of what the author says. It MUST be a PERSONAL analysis, critique, or commentary on what youlearned and/or agreed/disagreed with. You may include sections describing what surprised you, what inspired you, what you disliked, etc. Grading will include format, grammar, and spelling. Essays to be printed using Arial 12 point, double spaced, and shall be one complete page (maximum and minimum of 1 page – 1 side of 1 piece of paper). No title page is allowed. Citations are not required. The essays must be the student’s own original work.

1) Engineering Legends: Great American Civil Engineers (Weingardt) 2005, the book include 165pp

2) Circles in the Sky: The Life and Times of George Ferris (Weingardt) 2009, 162pp

3) Women in Engineering: Pioneers and Trailblazers (Layne) 2009, 247pp

4) Designed for Dry Feet: Flood Protection and Land Reclamation in the Netherlands (Hoeksema) 2006, 148pp

5) the Salton Sea: An Account of Harriman’s fight with the Colorado River (Kennan) 1917, 148pp

6) Silent Spring: The birth of pesticide awareness (Carson) 1962, 400pp

7) Earth in the Balance:Ecology and the Human Spirit (Gore) 1991, 407pp

8) An Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis of Global Warming (Gore) 2004, 192pp


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