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Choose any 6 questions you want and answer it

    Choose any 6 questions you want and answer it, Three sentences must be provided for each question. List five possible sources for support of printers, such as online documentation or updated driver downloads, and replacement parts. Provide information on safety steps to take when working on a printer to ensure that the printer is not powered and components are not heated (such as with a laser printer).

    3. Explain how a toner vacuum can be used to pick up spilled toner and to clean out the inside of a laser printer.4. Discuss with students the common requirement that inkjet printers undergo calibration to align and clean inkjet nozzles.5. Demonstrate in detail how to manually clean the nozzle heads of an inkjet cartridge using distilled water and cotton swabs.

    6. Explain how to proceed if the self-test page does not print. Students should observe the printer’s behavior. They should check for paper in the paper tray, as well as possible paper jams.7. List other steps for troubleshooting a printer, such as checking the printer’s ability to feed paper properly. Students should check for any error messages on the printer’s display.

    8. Elaborate on how these steps might change depending on what type of printer is being used. For example, an inkjet printer may have clogged nozzles, while an impact printer may have an issue with its ribbon.9. Describe how to proceed if the printer self-test works properly, but printing is still problematic. Students should then check physical cables as well as settings on the computer that is attempting to print.

    10. Demonstrate how to troubleshoot a network printer. Connectivity should be checked, as well as the power status for the printer. Network settings should be double-checked to ensure that the printer is accessible on the network. 11. Explain how to set up a centralized print server that can be responsible for printer jobs.12. Demonstrate how to clear the printer queue, first by attempting to delete a job or by using the cancel button on a printer. Students should know how to stop and start the Windows Print Spooler service to clear jobs.

    13. Describe how to deal with an application that has issues printing properly, when the Windows print test page works fine. Note that this may be a settings issue within the application and that they should try to print a different file within the same application.

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