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Choose an interesting hook that introduces the idea of success

    1. In this essay, choose an interesting hook that introduces the idea of success

    2. Brief introduction to one person you have chosen that shows your reader that they are successful. (such as Oprah Winfrey)

    3. Thesis statement that says something about how Oprah provides us with lessons on how to be successful 4.

    Body Paragraphs: Topic sentence about Oprah and her success and how she achieved it5. Support that explains how she reached her success using the principles from Mindset or another source.6. Your support should include at least three quotes paraphrases from more than one source each body paragraph 7.

    There should be an introductory signal the first time source is used. There should also be sufficient explanation of how your quoted or paraphrased information supports your topic sentence. Keep quoted material short. 8. If you are using a story or a long example from Top 10. put it in your own words and cite it. 9. Conclusion: Address the benefits we could experience if we followed their example10. Works List: every source used in MLA format and attach as a separate page to the essay

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