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Choose an agency in your town/city that provides not-for-pro

    Choose an agency in your town/city that provides not-for-profit services. Using specific information from that agency (e.g., the type of services provided for target populations), the assigned readings and web resources, respond to the discussion questions as if you are preparing to travel to your state capitol to make a presentation to the state senate.List some of the key facts that suggest that your agency needs more state grant money to provide services to people in your community. (Note: Make sure to do some research about your community and its needs.) For example, if you are representing a child prevention agency, you might say that while the agency is serving the needs of the community as best as it can, the wait time for investigating an abuse report has increased from one day to three.Write a convincing argument that you would use in the beginning of your presentation using some of the facts that you listed above.Read your classmates’ posts and decide whether you would be convinced by their statements, then offer suggestions for strengthening their arguments. This is how human service professionals work together while preparing an advocacy campaign.

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