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Chapter 5 in your text discusses Planning. You are the manag

    Chapter 5 in your text discusses Planning. You are the manager of your life. As your life manager, you must plan to achieve all of your goals. In this assignment, you will develop an in-depth strategic plan for your life. Start with the optimal end game in mind. What life would you like to lead in terms of career, work/life balance, home life, income level, etc.? When developing this plan, answer the following:Ideal CareerWould you work for yourself, a corporation, government entity, academic institution, medical institution, etc.?What would your job title be?What department would you work in or lead (e.g.: Accounting, HR, IT, Compliance, Marketing, etc.)?Discuss your role and responsibilities and how they add value to the organization. When do you seek to enter this role?What skill sets and talents do/will you have that make you an ideal candidate for this position?What knowledge, skills and abilities do you wish to develop prior to taking on this role?What salary would you earn in this career?Would you have any additional streams of revenue?EducationWhat degrees, licenses, and/or certifications will be valuable to you in this field?For degrees, discuss the following:For degrees, what universities would you consider attending, and where are they located?What degree(s) would you seek, e.g.: MBA, MPA, MS, Ph.D., Ed.D., J.D., D.B.A., etc.?What would you major in?When will you enroll and graduate and what would you major in?How much will it cost to earn your degree?How will you fund your degree(s)?Out-of-pocketStudent loansScholarships/grantsAssistantship/fellowshipCombination of theseWhat other decision criteria are factors when deciding where to attend graduate school? Which criteria rank more highly than other factors and why?For licenses or certifications, discuss:What organizations issue the credential(s)?How much do they cost?What process is required to earn the credential? Do you need to demonstrate work experience in the field, take an exam, take a class, submit a video or portfolio, or something else?LifestyleWhat degree of work/life balance do you wish to maintain?Do you want to travel?How frequently?For work or leisure?At what phase(s) in your life/ career?Where do you want to go and why?Where do you want to live? It’s ok to describe the type of place, e.g.: city, suburbs, farm/ranch, island, etc.What type of home do you want: detached single-family house, condo, loft?Describe the home in terms of how large or small, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, features, etc.Describe the family life you’d like to have. Who will live in your household? Spouse, kids, other relatives? If you want children, they’re expensive. Consider that when deciding how many you’d like to have.Do you plan to be involved in any professional/civic/social organizations?How will you benefit from your involvement?How will the organization benefit from your involvement?How do you plan to give back to the community throughout your career and in your dream job?Now that you’ve given all these things some thought, organize your plan from the top down. You know your life’s long-term goals. What is your strategic plan? Write a purpose statement and strategic objectives. Write your tactical and operational plans. Be sure to indicate the time frame for each of these plans. Make sure that each goal in your life’s plan is written in a S.M.A.R.T. manner. Indicate which goals are proximal and which are distal. Cite any sources that you use.

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