Chapter 2 Summary for English Critical Writing

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Requires Textbook: Thinking for Yourself by Marlys Mayfield 9th Edition

Writer’s Notes ~ After a careful and thorough reading of the chapter on WORDS:
* summarize the major points with examples
. Explore in detail the kinds of information that you learn.
* Write in your own words – do NOT simply copy the Chapter, which you should first read.
* Refer to my lecture notes for chapter information. I expect you to know the chapter well and give examples of what you learn from this book.
* REFLECT on how you and your peers use language. Is your writing clear, correct and effective? Or are you creating confusion? Think about how you can make your writing clear and succinct it. Provide examples.

About 650-700 words in the MLA style. ALWAYS in MULTIPLE PARAGRAPHS. Always MORE THAN 5.


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