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CDC, BMA and Your States DOH Please respond to the follo

    CDC, BMA and Your State’s DOH’ Please respond to the following:’CDC, BMA and Your State’s DOH’ Please respond to the following: IN at least 300 wordsFromthe first two (2) e-Activities, functioning as an investigatorcollaborating with the two (2) agencies to obtain vital statistics onyour particular demographic, you are tasked with obtaining the logisticsand planning phase of the report. Prioritize the items you wouldconsider when formulating comprehensive letters of inquiry to theagencies.Fromthe third e-Activity, suppose you are the County Department of Health,Director of STDs Tracking and Surveillance System, tasked with drafting amemo to your state’s head of the DOH about ways to optimize yourcounty’s efficiency. Prepare a rudimentary list of possible questions toarticulate your concerns. Provide a rationale for the questions youhave chosen.Here is the E-Activity that the question is referring to.Go to the Center for Disease Control Website, located at,and review the mission, vision, and major responsibilities of theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the CDC’s Center,Institute, and Offices (CIOs). Be prepared to discuss.Go to the British Medical Association’s (BMA’s) Website, located at,and enter the word “epidemiology” (without quotes) into the “SearchResults: search term:” box and click the Search button. Select one (1)or more epidemiology topics of interest within the United Kingdom (UK).Be prepared to discuss.Goto your state’s Department of Health (DOH) Website, and review itshealth policies, focusing your efforts on understanding the state’s DOHdisease-management protocols. Be prepared to discuss

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