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Case Study – Training Youare an HR Training Specialist in

    Case Study – Training Youare an HR Training Specialist in a mid-sized manufacturing company. Theorganization has been under a lot of stress lately due to intense newcompetition. A lot of shipping deadlines have been missed recentlyleading to several unhappy customers. BillMarshall, the company VP of Manufacturing just called to say he was onhis way to your office to see you. He did not sound happy. Upon entering your office, Bill bellowed …. “I’vegot a problem and you’ve got to solve it. I can’t get people in thisplant to work together as a team. As if I don’t have enough trouble withthe competition and missed deadlines, now I have to put up with runninga zoo. It’s your responsibility to see that the staff gets along witheach other. I want a human relations training proposal on my desk byMonday.” Questions: (Be Specific in your answers) How would you determine the need for ‘human relations’ training? How would you determine whether you actually had a training problem or not? What else could be the underlying causes of the problems the VP has identified? What would you recommend to the VP?

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