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Case Study After reviewing the case studies (Amazon Web Ser

    Case Study: After reviewing the case studies (Amazon Web ServicesOverview of Security Processes, Cloud Computing – Security PlanningGuide & Navigating Security in the Cloud) use the Finding Pagedocument and answer (A) Cloud computing is rapidly moving into themainstream. What are the benefits and do you insure security needs arebeing met and (B) what are benefits, tools & techniques of AmazonWeb Services Security Processes and (C) how do you build security in theCloud from the ground up?Internet/Exercise Problem: Enter andsurf the terms “Cloud computingor Online Storage” in search and find 3 companies that provide thoseservices/tools, then use the Finding Page document and answer/evaluate(A) what are some of the tools/services being offered and (B) what arethe benefits of using these outside services versus in-house, howeffectively can they be and (C) after reviewing this template,(SearchSMB Storage business continuity plan template) what are the keycomponents, what’s it’s value, usefulness for the organization?Ill send you links to the case studies, and the findings page.

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