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Case-01-UC at Boeing.pdf&nbsp&nbsp Case-02-CORE Credit Union.pdf&nbsp

    Case-01-UC at Boeing.pdf   Case-02-CORE Credit Union.pdf  Case-03-MasterCard.pdf  Case-04-Global Broadband.pdf  Case-05-Net Neutrality.pdf  Case-06-Chevron.pdf  Case-07-Guardian.pdf  Case-08-Carlson.pdf  Case-09-StLukes.pdf  Case-10-Choice International.pdf  Case-11-Cloud Computing Security.pdf  Week 2 – AssignmentData Center Consolidation Read the Guardian Life case study (Case 7) provided as part of the online resources from your text found at: In a minimum 2 page [excluding title and reference pages] APA formatted paper, discuss each element listed below and how it plays a key part in a successful consolidation.  Bandwidth and high-speed communicationsCloud computing as a consolidation optionMobile or ‘pod’ datacenters as consolidation options Provide examples for each of these aspects to support your discussion. You may use the case study as the foundation for your responses and supplement your information using resources found in the Ashford Library, or use examples from your own experience to support your discussion. Be sure to provide appropriate citations and references to support your work.   Include a minimum of two references, one of which must be from industry-related publications; the other may be your textbook. Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment

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