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Can anyone write a plagiarism free paper following these gui

    Can anyone write a plagiarism free paper following these guidelines to a t.  ALL REFERENCES NEED TO BE FROM THE BOOK LISTED BELOW. BUT BE SURE TO CITE CORRECTLY. TEACHER IS A STICKLER FOR PROPER CITING AS WELL AS GRAMMAR AND PUNCTUATION. I NEED THIS DONE BY 3PM CENTRAL TIME ON MONDAY DECEMBER 1.  In several assigned chapters in Seeing Anthropology we see examples of cultural change among local people resulting from forces discussed in Chapter 13, Culture Change. Write an essay that examines cultural change in two groups presented on assigned film clips in Seeing Anthropology. One group in your final must be the Trobriand people represented in the film clip, Trobriand Cricket: An Ingenious Response to Colonialism, as shaped by Trobriand response to colonial contact (reviewmaterial on colonialism). The second example can be selected from otherassigned chapters and can address cultural change resulting from trade,diffusion, and/or modernity as explained in Chapter 13. Effective essays will apply key concepts presented throughout the course as they relate to analysis of cultural change in the two cases. For example, you may need to draw on the discussion of cultural adaptation and production (Chapter 6) and/or discussion of the construction of gender (Chapter 12) and/or discussion of sacred power (Chapter 11) and/or discussion of resistance (Chapter 10) to name a few key concepts relevant to this final examination. Essays should be about 1500 words in length and rely only on reading and viewing material assigned in Seeing Anthropology by Karl  G. Heider. Use MLA or APA citation formats.

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