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Calculatethe maximum speed of the car around the four bend r

    Calculatethe maximum speed of the car around the four bend radii without theaerofoils, for each of the four tyre conditions. Before attempting the next questions, please watch the set of tutorial videos,by following the links given in the appendix.  Use Foilsim(undergraduate edition) to design two aerofoils which fit the car (theymust use the span and chord values determined by you – see below).  Todetermine the chord and span of each aerofoil, perform a Google image search tofind a top view of an F1 car, and using the maximum width (approx. 1.8 m) as ascaling reference, measure the dimensions for your car. Then copy the imageinto a programme such as MS Paint and measure it to obtain the positions of thewheels, wings and overall length. You will use these measurements as the basisof your calculations. 2.Calculate the new maximum speed for each bend radius, for each of the four tyreconditions. 3. Plota set of graphs which concisely summarise all your findings (with / withoutaerofoils, bend radius, tyre friction coefficient). 4. When the car is without aerofoils, calculate theforces for one particular corner radius / tyre combination and determinewhether the front or the back tyres slip first

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