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Calculate the Profitability index of a capital project. The

    Calculate the Profitability index of a capital project. The initial investment is $250,000 for the purchase of some new radiology equipment. The new equipment will save the organization $15,000 a year for the next 10 years. The project discount rate is 12%. • Determine the present value of the operating savings:Present value of saving = savings per year X discounted rate• Determine the net present value (NPV)Pay close attention here, this is where basic mathematical functions need to follow financial accounting theory. Hence, if we have a positive value for the present value of savings, we cannot have a negative NPV. We started with an initial investment amount, so start there are subtract your net present value from that amount to determine your NPV.NPV=present value of savings – initial investment• Determine the profitability indexProfitability Index = NPV/initial investment

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