C# object oriented application

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This lab relates to the following Skill Outcome:

  • Students will create advanced object-oriented applications

This lab covers the material in Chapter 11. The purpose of this lab is to demonstrate the concept of inheritance by creating a base class and two derived classes.

1. Complete the programming problem provided in the attached document entitled, 3343 Lab 02 Problem Statement.

2. Include the appropriate identification information per the course syllabus using comment statements at the top of your project code:

  • Name
  • 9-Digit ID
  • Due Date
  • Date Submitted
  • Brief Description of Program

3. Name your project using the naming convention provided in the course syllabus: CourseNumber_LastNameFirstInitial_LabXX (e.g., 3343_SharpJ_Lab02)

4. You will need to zip/compress the project folder using an appropriate zip/compression utility such as the one found in the Windows or WinZip, etc. Please DO NOT submit .rar (archive).

5. Submit under the 3343 Lab 02 link under Module 2.


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