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C++, need a two page writeup for the code (mpg=miles/gallon)

    I have completed part 1 and part 2, I just need Part 3 (details below)

    I have attached the code and write-up along with

      Part 1: Write, Run, and Test the Application

    Use the code in the Assessment 1 Part 1 Instructions document (linked in the Resources under the Required Resources heading) to complete this part of your assessment. Be sure to test the application with a variety of values before you proceed to Part 2. The program produces accurate results with some numeric values but not with others. Note when the results are accurate and when they are not. Part 2: Improve the Application

    Based on any required and optional assessment resources that you choose to use, modify the code to fix the accuracy problem. Be sure to comment and format the code correctly. Part 3: Describe the Application

    After running your application and observing the results, write a 1–2-page paper in which you complete the following: Define the variables in an application. Define the expressions in an application. Explain the data types in an application. Discuss the cause of the inaccuracy in the original code and the approach used to fix this problem.

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