C++ Code Corrections CS 260

I don’t know how to handle this C Programming question and need guidance.

Hello, I need help correcting assignments I already completed that have syntax errors causing my program not to run, I would greatly appreciate comments on the FIXME parts as well. I need help completing the module 6 FIXME portions as I have not completed those. I also need screenshots once the code works for each module.The majority of the code is written already and the assignment is to add the parts that need to be fixed per the rubric and comment. I have all my files and a virtual lab to use eclipse in if you’d rather use that one. I can supply my login information for the file downloads, located in the “programming activity” it’s the link called “lab files”. When you click on the assignment it shows my submission so you can download it. The modules with the assignments are modules 3 through 6, 3 to 5 need syntax corrections and comments on my own submissions and 6 I need help with completely.


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