Individually, write a report on the performance of your group during the Capsim® Capstone simulation that includes the following information:

  1. Briefly explain the main decisions and strategies that you have taken in each department (research, production, marketing, finance).
  2. Explain how the different departments are interconnected in the game and what are the relationships between them in the simulation. Was there any miscommunication, some issues of coordination, one view overcoming the rest of the opinions?
  3. Use the reports available from Capsim® Capstone (The Courier, for example) to explain your results and compare them to those of your competitors. What significant differences have you identified?
  4. Provide examples of what you consider where wrong /right decisions and explain how you corrected this errors in subsequent rounds.
  5. Enumerate the learning points that you have taken from the simulation in terms of developing your transferable skills, all of which are in promoting graduate employability, including:
    a. Collaboration;
    b. Communications;
    c. Problem Solving;
    d. Planning;
    e. Time Management;
    f. Negotiation and Conflict Resolution; and g. Leadership

Word count guide approx. 2000 words

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