1. Main task (PowerPoint presentation)
  • Cover Slide (Erie Group-Lebogang Mokgosi, Madina Bangoura, Suzy Mulunda) 
  • Slide 1 – Key Learning Points – Reasons for Success
  • Slide 2 – Key Learning Points – Reasons for Failure
  • Slide 3 – Key Learning Points – Conclusions
  • Slide 4 – Proposed Strategy for Example Budget Segment Product
  • Slide 5 – Proposed Strategy for Example Performance Segment Product
  1. Overall Strategy:
  2. Broad Differentiation
  3. Maintain balanced investments in all products
  4. Successful team communication
  1. Your submission must meet the following formatting requirements:
    • Submit one file(s) only.
    • Required file format for main submission: PowerPoint presentation (.pptx). All refencing and citations require Harvard referencing style.

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