1. How did ODO operationalize the definition of an adult with a disability? What

arguments could you make that the definition was too inclusive or too narrow?

2. Analyze the research design’s various components. Identify any potential problems

and explain the ramifications of these design issues. Identify potential strengths of

the design.

3. What is a hybrid (dual-modality) methodology? What are the pros and cons of the

hybrid methodology used in this study?

4. Francie Turk had no prior experience with researching Americans with disabilities.

Assume you have similar background; what would you have done in the exploratory

phase of this project to become familiar with the frustrations and hurdles that adults

with disabilities face when traveling? Compare your research process with what

ODO did. What could ODO have gained from incorporating your methods?

5. Brainstorm lists of potential hotel, restaurant, and rental car accommodations to be

evaluated for adults with disabilities and create your own paired-comparison question.

During a phone interview, how quickly could you cover this question? What are the

advantages and disadvantages to using this measurement scale in the phone survey

in comparison to using it in the online survey?

6. What are the management, research, and investigative questions driving the next

Adults with Disabilities: Travel and Hospitality Study?

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