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  Final paper instructions:

Final paper is a minimum of three pages. Each question needs to be 1/2 page. Please cite all references from the text or video to validate your work.

The purpose of this final paper is to assess what you have learned. To do this we use the student learning outcomes. Please do the following:

1. Describe the current status of women as leaders in two (2) of the five (5) following situations: management, politics, law, academia, or on boards.

2. Analyze communication, management, and leadership style differences based on gender.

3. Explore the impact of women leaders in the workplace and assess strategies for how to best integrate women into leadership and managerial positions.

4. Assess obstacles and success strategies for women’s career in leadership and management, including the impact of networking and mentoring.

5. Analyze the challenges to women executives of balancing leadership responsibilities and family life.

6. Evaluate the entrepreneurial alternatives for women.


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