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Briefly explain Wiggins’ circumplex model of personality

    Wiggin’s circumflex model of personality is a type of diagram that looks like the cross-hairs of a hunting scope. The vertical axis is about dominance, are you a very dominant person or are you more submissive? The horizontal axis is about love, are you a warm-hearted person or are you coldhearted? Then it has degrees in between those extremes that are interconnected to form a type of ring as in circumference. His diagram showed how interpersonal traits interact in a relationship with each other.

    There are three clear advantages to the Wiggins circumplex. The first is that it provides an explicit definition of interpersonal behavior. The second advantage of Wiggins’s model is that the circum- plex specifies the relationships between each trait and every other trait within the model. The third type of relationship is orthogonality, which specifies that traits that are perpendicular to each other on the model (at 90o of separation, or at right angles to each other) are entirely unrelated to each other (Larsen & Buss, 2013)

    Why do you think psychologists have defined personality based on the six domains of knowledge?A domain of knowledge is a specialty area of science and scholarship in which psychologists have focused on learning about some specific and limited aspects of human nature. A domain of knowledge delineates the boundaries of researchers’ knowledge, expertise, and interests (Larsen, Buss, 2014, pg. 14). The six domains are dispositional domains – traits the person is born with and develops over time.

    Biological domain – biological events. Intrapsychic domain – processes within the person’s own mind. Cognitive-experiential domain – personal and private thoughts, feelings, desires, beliefs, and other subjective experiences. Social and cultural domain – social, cultural, and gendered positions in the world. Adjustment domain – adjustments that the person must make to the inevitable challenges of life. Psychologists have defined personality based on the six domains of knowledge in order to bridge the gap between theory and research in personality.

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