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Both conservative and liberal sides claim that there is medi

    Both conservative and liberal sides claim that there is media bias (to the other side of their beliefs). The truth is simply that there IS media bias on BOTH sides. It is no secret that the traditional views of the following 3 media outlets are as follows: Fox News–Conservative/Right, MSNBC–Liberal/Left, CNN–Moderate. A) Track a relatively current news story and report the 3 media outlets presented the story. Were there surprises to you in your findings?  B) Also pick one additional media outlet of your choice (perhaps NPR, AL JAZEERA , or BBC) and look at their perspective of the same story.  C) Should anything be done about negative campaign ads? Why or Why not? D) Explain your views on Super-Pac ads and groups in the presidential campaigns. E) Should something be done about lobbying? Why or why not?

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