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Book A Brave New WorldFormatTimes New Roman/12 pt type or

    Book: A Brave New WorldFormat:Times New Roman/12 pt type or written in black ink Put your name and the title of the novel at the top of the paper. Carefully edit for mechanical errors. Directions:Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. Scoring:For full credit on each question, you must use specific examples, exploring the How and Why of each question, and giving specific quotes or descriptions to support your answers. Plot What is the plot? (describe in 2-3 sentences) Does the author make use of flashback, foreshadowing, or some other indirect method to tell the story? Identify the climax. How is the ending unusual? Probable? What is the primary conflict of the protagonist? Setting What is the setting? How does the setting help to create the mood or tone? How does the setting influence the actions and personalities of the main characters? Point of View What is the point of view of the narrator? Does the author make point of view shifts? If so, why is it effective? Give examples of dialogue that helps to develop the point of view. Character Who are the main characters? How do the main characters develop and change as the story progresses? How do the main characters reveal their character flaws? Theme What is one theme of the novel? Is it stated or implied? How did the setting, conflicts, symbols, and characters help to present the theme?

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