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Black Lives Matter Myths Debunked

    4 Black Lives Matter Myths Debunked | Decoded | MTV News The Problem w/ White Beauty Standards | Decoded | MTV News Watch the videos above a couple of times each. You can click on CC to watch them with captions. Then answer the following questions with a paragraph:1. For the Black Lives Matter video: A. What are the four myths the video host hopes to disprove?

    B. Did she do a good job? Explain.C. Do you feel videos such as this one will make young people more aware of societal issues? Explain.2. For the second video ‘The Problem with White Beauty Standards:’A. What do they say the problems are? B. What do they say about clothing billboards in China? C. What did she say about how her family photo was filtered? Why do they argue that more representation is needed? E. Do you agree with them? Explain.

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