Bio 2


Answer all of the following questions:

1. What are the three domains of life and what are the differences between them? Provide some examples.

2. What are the differences between Monocots and Dicots Roots?

3. Describe the alteration in plants generations?

4. Describe the process of pollination?

5. What is the Cohesion-tension theory?

6. Classify the members of the plant kingdom?

7. Using examples, explain how plants and their pollinators evolved to adapt to each other?

8. Arrange the following taxonomic categories from the most specific to the most general:

genus, domain, family, phylum, order.

9. List 2 ways ferns are different from other seedless vascular ferns?

10. List 4 advantages of seed plants?

11. Explain why plants are considered a monophyletic group

12. Explain how the hormone Auxin helps a plant achieve positive phototropism?

13. Your neighbor is trying to prevent aging (senescence) of leaves in his plants, and also encourage new leaf growth. What should he do?



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