Billboard Ad Assignment

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You are to create a billboard ad and present that to the class.It must be horizontal in shape (in other words, left to write or east to west; not top to bottom), computer generated, not a printed ad on notebook paper.This is an individual assignment.You are not working in groups.

You are selling a product of your own creation.You may not use an already copyrighted or trademarked product anywhere in your advertisement.In other words, do not say that you may purchase this product at your nearby Walgreen’s or Walmart store.Troy University is a copyrighted name.You may not use that.You must create a new product, not one that you have already shown to the class in previous advertising assignments.

Please look at the Notes on Outdoor Advertising (found in the Exam Notes in the Modules section of Canvas) and see examples of billboards.You must use color, creative writing, and special art/graphics.You may not use trademarked icons or slogans.It is OK for you to go to Google images and find generic images.No famous people or trademarks may be used.Also, make sure all of your words are spelled correctly and that there is no incorrect grammar.You must create a logo for your product.Please refer to the tips to creating effective billboard ads (found in the Notes on Outdoor Advertising in the Modules section of Canvas).

Three points will be counted off for every word over ten words that you use in your ad.Five points will be counted off for mentioning a web address or a non-catchy phone number.Five points will be counted off for each misspelled word.

And also write some words to describe the advertisement. 250 words


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