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Behaviorism and Social-Learning TheoryThe SituationYour ear

    Behaviorism and Social-Learning TheoryThe Situation:Your early childhood program is working hard to supportparents in understanding the foundation of child development and learning. Tohelp, you have been asked to provide information to your program’s parentsexplaining and communicating yourpersonal philosophy of how children learn.Choose and Explain Your Theorist and Theory: Behaviorism andSocial-Learning TheoryTo best determine what your own personal philosophy will be,you must examine the theories and theorists you already know and why youidentify with one more than another.Explain whom you chose and what their theory is all about.How does their theory tell us how children grow and learn? John Watson and B.F.Skinner:Use in-text citations to give proper recognition for whatinformation you borrow, paraphrase or quote. Information about how to createand use in-text citations is included in the links below as well as in theOnline Library, which is available through the Resources tab.Describe why these theories and theorists connect with youso well. Use clear examples and situations to illustrate, perhaps from your ownchildhood, school or with the children you care for at this time. Reallyreflect on the why.4 pages with reference

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