Beginning an essay can often be the most difficult portion. However, when separated into small steps, this process becomes well defined and much more manageable. During these first steps, any writing that takes place is likely to be minimal and rough. This is acceptable, as you realize you are in the prewriting stage and that you have more writing and revising ahead of you.For this Discussion, you will reflect on your own research strategy and how you have (or, perhaps, have not) used a strategy, such as note-taking, underlining, highlighting, etc., in the past to gather and assess the main ideas from a journal article. Based on what you have learned from the week’s Learning Resources, you will share your thoughts and experiences on use of research in your own writing practice.To prepare for this Discussion:Review the Learning Resources on arguments and critical reading, and the infographic on Analysis.Reflect on your research process in relation to understanding an author’s argument or main idea.You may reflect on past or current examples of your research process, including this Assignment.By Day 3Post a 1- to 2-paragraph reflection on your research process, describing components that you currently use, as well as any components that you could use more effectively. (Note: You may choose to reflect specifically on your approach to this Discussion assignment in relation to your writing process.)Required ReadingsWalden University Writing Center. (2015i). Walden templates: General templates: APA course paper template (6th ed.). Retrieved from…Note: Please submit all assignments using the abovementioned APA Course Paper Template.Laureate Education. (2015). [Infographic]. Understanding Arguments, Baltimore, MD: Author.Walden University Writing Center. (2015a). Common course assignments: Writing in the social sciences. Retrieved from…Students will use the “Main Idea” section to better understand an author’s main pointsWalden University. (2015). Writing a Paper: Understanding Arguments. Retrieved from…Online journal articles:Grad Writing II: (semester students)Online journal articles:Grad Writing II: (quarter students)From the list of selected journal articles, choose and critically read one article in preparation for this week’s (and subsequent week’s) Assignment. Please note: You will use your selected journal article throughout the course.

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