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basiclly google and read fisrt about the solya program the i

    basiclly google and read fisrt about the solya program the i need you to answer these question with easy words so i can understand i do have all of the information please if you do not know or you do not understand ask me : when you are answering talk about globalization . there is no specific pages just answer the questions . please if there is something you do not know ask me please i will be answering 1.Describe what you know about SOLIYA and what you know about the participants in your group. 2 – Based on what you know, what do you expect SOLIYA participants have in common? 3- How do you expect that different social locations will influence the way SOLIYA participants speak and see the world?4. How does social location affect the way participants are seen? [Note: your social location is determined by your membership in social groups and overall position in the world.] 5 – What do you expect to get out of participating in the SOLIYA Compact Connect program?

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