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Bank robbery, extortion, andkidnapping are generally crimes

    Bank robbery, extortion, andkidnapping are generally crimes that involve conspiracy since these types ofcrimes often require the cooperation of two or more people. The case study inthe textbook entitled ‘The Patty Hearst Kidnapping’ covered the crimes ofkidnapping, extortion, bank robbery, and homicide. The original intent of theSLA members was to conspire to commit kidnapping for reasons of extortion. Theplan continued to evolve and the conspiracy deepened among the members. Thisassignment explores the aspects of conspiracy in relation to a plot thatoriginated with the intent of using extortion as a means to free other membersof their group from incarceration.Complete the following:Read the case study, ‘The Patty HearstKidnapping’ (page 135 in the textbook), and do the following:Discuss the objective of the conspiracy for theeight founding members of the SLA.Discuss the crimes Patty Hearst was liable forafter she joined the conspiracy.Discuss whether you believe she was a victim ornot, and whether or not she should have been charged with a crime.Discuss who you think is liable for the death of the woman in the CrockerNational Bank robbery.

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