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BA265Midterm Joannaverbally contracts to work with Jimmy

    BA265Midterm·  Joannaverbally contracts to work with Jimmy for three-years. After Joanna startswork, Jimmy fires her without cause. Joanna sues Jimmy for breach of contract.Is Joanna likely to recover under the contract? Is there some other legaltheory that might support a legal recovery? What is an advantage to a businessbeing socially responsible?o ·  Stevenenters into a contract with Mandy. The contract is for Mandy to repair Steven’scar for $600. What are Mandy’s rights and duties? What are Steven’s rights andduties? If the contract expressly prohibits any assignment, can Mandy assignhis right to payment?·  Johnnysells his car to Tammy for $700. Johnny works as a construction worker. Johnnynotifies Tammy that he has the goods at the buyer’s disposition, and that Tammyis free to pick them up at any time. While Tammy is on her way, the car isstolen with no fault at Johnny. Who bears the risk of loss? Assume the contractis silent on who bears the risk of loss.·  The SodaCompany manufactures bottles to contain carbonated beverages. They haveinvested millions of dollars to provide the most state-of-the-art bottlingfacility the world has ever seen. And their QA process is unmatched. The SodaCompany takes every precaution to ensure that it’s bottles are of the highestquality. One day Cody buys a bottle of soda with a bottle manufactured by theSoda Company. The bottle was not substantially changed from the time ofmanufacture to the purchase. As soon as Cody opens the bottle, it explodes inhis hand causing lacerations. Cody sues for negligence. Will he recover?·  Same factsas #4 except that Cody sues under product liability theory. Will Cody recoverunder product liability?

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