Attention!!!! Overall has 4 paragraph. The first, second and third paragraph is write about QR code which you scan. The fourth paragraph is about My QR code that was named China impressionGuideline : (QR code1. 2. 3. 4 and my QR CODE: China Impression are on the file)There are four QR code, you just need choose three of them to scan it. (Also let me know If you can not scan it )THEN, YOU NEED CREATE A WORD DOCUMENT AND HAVE A PARAGRAPH FOR EACH OF QR code. In paragraph, Discuss how the ad (advertisement) looked and if the purpose was informative or persuasive, what the QR code took you to, and the effectiveness of the ad/QR code combination. Then, Create a 4th paragraph where you discuss how you feel about the effectiveness of your ad (My QR and ad is on the file above, which is China Impression), how it compared to the others, what you might do differently to improve it.

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