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attachment.rarPlease dont just take the work before even re

    attachment.rarPlease don’t just take the work before even reading requirement. There just are too many fraud tutors who take the job without knowing what they are suppose to do. They provide either no work or very low quality job and I am sick of it. Please, do not take it if you don’t know what to do or can’t make it in given time limit. I will give you 1 star and worst possible review for wasting my time.Current application is running without an error and just need to make minor adjustment. any incomplete, non working or missing requirement will not be accepted. all required files are inside Requirementsee detailed explanation with pictures inside attachment.all the database tables are done in microsoft sql and web interfaces are done in visual studio 2012. you must keep same format(database with sql, web interface with visual studio).any incorrect work or incomplete work will not be case you don’t know, in order to run this application, you must change pc name in

    in web config file in application folder to your pc name. it will not run if you just try to run it coz it’s currently under different pc name.

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