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    ATTACHED IS WEEK 3 ASSIGNMENT THAT IS NEEDED TO COMPLETE  THE FINAL PAPER:WEEK 3 ASSIGNMENTFinal Research PaperHowto Begin: This week you will incorporate feedback from the WeekThree Assignment to complete the Final Research Paper. You will have formedyour own conclusions about these issues, based on factual information andevidence from scholarly sources. At this point, you have examined the socialaspects of aging. In addition, you have assessed the impact of aging on societyin the areas of economics, discrimination, and political influence, andassessed the role of demographics on aging in terms of health, income,employment, and retirement. Moreover, you have had the opportunity to examinethe numerous policies that are in existence for the purpose of assisting theaged in our society.Task:The Final Research Paper will focus on the impact of a growing aging populationin the United States and the aging population in general. This impact could bedefined in terms of increased health care costs with simultaneous decreasedeconomic contributions, increased housing needs, and a reduced proportion ofthe population contributing to Social Security. As you address the politicalembattlement related to programs for the aged (i.e., Medicaid, Medicare,Disability, Welfare and Supplemental Security Income, and The Older AmericansAct), you must include the following elements, which you began in your outlineassignment from Week Three:  Title page  Explainthe rapid increase in the older population using the demographic transitiontheory.  Analyzethe implications of an increasing aging population for two or more of thefollowing social issues:  Thefunding and availability of Social Security.  Thefunding and availability of Supplemental Retirement Income.  Workand retirement challenges facing seniors.  Thefunding and availability of adequate health care for seniors.  Summarizewhat the experts have written about the issues facing the United States interms of the growing elderly population. How do experts suggest addressingthese issues? Assess whether their conclusions are methodologically sound.  Assess howthe growing aging population is going to impact the younger generations interms of political power and their need for social support.    Evaluatethe actions that are currently being taken to address these issues of having anincreasing aging population. What have been the results of those actions?Justify which remedies you agree with, and support your conclusions with yourscholarly research.

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