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Assume&nbspthe role of a case manager at a correctional institu

    Assume the role of a case manager at a correctional institution. A university professor has asked you to speak to her class about your experiences as a case manager. To prepare for the visit, she has sent you the following questions, which the students will ask you:What interpersonal skills do you think are necessary to have when working with your clients?How does the prison environment influence the way you manage a case?What is case management assessment and case management goal setting? Is there a relationship between the two?What factors do you consider when doing an intervention plan? How do you go about its implementation?How do you utilize resources available within the correctional institution?With your experience as a case manager, what do you think are some issues within the criminal justice system as they pertain to case management?Write 150- to 300-word responses to each question, responding as you would to the students during an interview.Use at least two peer-reviewed articles from the University Library to support your responses.Format your interview Q and A consistent with APA guidelines.Plagiarism free please

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