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AssignmentInequalities Investigation Todaywhen Jeremy saw M

    Assignment:Inequalities Investigation Todaywhen Jeremy saw Mr. Winaki, the teacher said, “The amount of money in my walletis more than $10, but less than $20. How much do I have?” Jeremy rememberstalking about inequalities in math class and thinks that the answer may have somethingto do with that idea. In the Math Toolbox, we helped Jeremy solve Mr. Winaki’sriddle. Now, Jeremy needs help in writing a brainteaser to stump Mr. Winaki.Youroriginal riddle needs to be a real world problem that has an answer of morethan 19 and less than 41. 1. Brainstorm Thinkabout possible real world situations that might have an answer of more than 19and less than 41. List three ideas for your original riddle.2.  ThesaurusSelectthree important words from the ideas you listed above. Use a thesaurus to lookup synonyms of the words. Remember, Mr. Winaki is an English teacher. He willlike your use of interesting new words. Record your findings in the chartbelow.Original WordSynonym3. Select an ideaFromyour list of ideas, select one about which to write a riddle.  Remember, your riddle should have an answerof more than 19 and less than 41.  Use one of the synonyms you found to makeyour writing more exciting.4. Provide a possibleanswerInthe Math Toolbox section of our lesson, we chose a possible solution to Mr.Winaki’s riddle.  Choose a possiblenumber that answers your riddle.5.  Writing Inequalitiesa.  Write an inequality comparing it to 19. b.  Choose the same value as a possible solutionand write an inequality comparing it to 41. c.  Write an inequality that shows therelationship between all three numbers?d.  Represent the inequality algebraically.

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