You are on a quality team from your company’s office of quality. The chief quality officer (CQO) has asked your team to follow up on a set of facts that have been called to the office’s attention. Read through the facts presented to you. While reading these facts, you will find some common themes to work from. Checklist: Based on pages 200–201 in Chapter 8 of your text, address the following: Use the facts provided to identify the problems, and analyze these with a cause-and-effect diagram:Facts: The ad that ran on television for a new physical fitness product, has been unsuccessful in promoting the product.

Thousands of emails have been received at the company headquarters complaining of gender discrimination regarding the ad. The Production team is wanting to know if manufacturing and production should be stopped. The Ad Council has been contacted with respect to the ad to consider whether it violates truth in advertising. Millions of dollars have already been invested in this product. The 5-person team consists of two people who share a hidden agenda to sabotage this product’s success.

Set the team goals and establish criteria that will determine whether the solution to the provided facts will be effective. Create an implementation and assessment plan based on pages 200-201 of the text. Access the Assignment rubric. Access the Assignment rubric. Your Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation should consist of eight content slides and an additional slide each for the title and references utilizing the current APA citation format, and style. Include your supporting notes for your bulleted slide items in the notes section. A maximum of two short citations are allowed in the total presentation.

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